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An idea how to create good communication, but without the usual huge effort, the block on the leg, all the stress. That would be good, wouldn't it?

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We believe that
good communication should

no longer be created in the ivory tower of an agency, but in open, direct collaboration of all those who know the brand and the subject well.

We believe, that you don't have to go through weeks of processes and coordination across 1000 hierarchies, but that ideas can be born and discussed in an agile, fast and uncomplicated way.

And we believe, that high-end executions can be achieved without infinitely large budgets and timings, if everyone is willing to go new ways.

We believe, that we have to be open to all of this.

  • Open, to new ways of working.

  • Open, to other opinions.

  • Open, to leaving our own comfort zone.

That's why we called ourselves - you guessed it -
WE-ARE-OPEN or simply:

Speed Speed Speed Speed Speed Speed Speed

Ideas Ideas Ideas Ideas

Friendship Friendship Friendship Friendship Friendship Friendship


A new kind of creative agency, or virtual agency, in which we first of all left away everything that makes you slow and expensive.

We, that's about 50 top-notch creatives from all disciplines, advertising, publishing, design, film, television, photography and more. All of them freelancers or as it's called now: solo self-employed. Almost 50% are women, almost 50% are members of th Art Directors Club of Germany - of course, they're all outstanding creatives. And they all earn exactly the same, no gender pay gap.

With an estimated 3,000 awards, we play in the top league of the German creative agencies. But instead of sitting around in the executive suite, we prefer to make ideas. Digital or classic, funny or valuable, bold or subtle. We are a veritable idea machine when we work together with our clients* on their briefings. Completely focused, because we do nothing else during this time, so we don't do ten jobs at the same time.

We work on site with our clients, in home offices (of which we have about 50), or in inspiring places, in the St. Pauli stadium, for example, or in the forest. And we will soon be setting up a headquarters that will only be there for ideas. (Not for accounting, because that is digital).

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Bussi to Fabian und Daniel for the conception and realization of this website.